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Respected Beer

Belikin is Brewed For Belizeans,
by Belizeans, & Onli Eena Belize. 

Belikin Beer

Belikin is more than a beer. It’s what brings us together.

From Chan Chen to Crique Sarco, from the Gallon Jug jungle to the Mayan Ruins to the animated streets of Belize City to the outer cays, Belikin is what we share .

Fittingly for Belize, a country like no other, there is not another beer in the world quite like Belikin. Being brewed with 100% high altitude Pilsner malt – an expense spared by almost all other breweries  - our Beer has a pleasingly toasty mouthfeel of fresh bread and caramel followed by refreshing crispness from German hops.

Belikin Light

In Belize we have abundant excuses to play. Our beaches, ocean, jungles, and rivers call us into action and Belikin Light is the beer ready for every Belizean adventure.

After years of development we proudly launched Belikin Light in 2017.  Nolan, our brewmaster, always said he wouldn’t make a light beer until he could make the perfect one balancing refreshing lightness with true flavour.  Brewed with Canadian Pilsner malt, German hops, and ultra-purified water from the Maya Mountains, Belikin Light still manages to keep itself at a trim 3.8% abv.

Belikin Stout

When this beer enters the room with its bumpin' deepest caramel pour and velvety mocha head it’s hard to look away. After the tease, you’ll need a taste.

A voluptuous mouthfeel taunts with intimations of chocolate, coffee, char and dark forbidden fruit.  The Stout built for Belize’s hot weather with pleasing bitterness from German hops nicely rounded by Belizean cane sugar and Canadian malt. Viewer and taster discretion is advised.

Belikin Sorrel Stout

Available in December.

Our holiday gem. A carefully balanced and aged brew flavoured with sorrel, Caribbean spices and Belizean cane sugar. It is unique to Belize, and a unique reflection of the Belizean palette.

Belikin Chocolate Stout

Available in May.

Originally created for the Cacao Festival in southern Belize, this one-of-a-kind craft beer with its a velvety chocolate flavour and hints of vanilla and rum proved so popular we bring it back every year. It is made with completely pure, organic Belizean cacao and - to prove - the first batch left Nolan, our brewmaster, completely covered in chocolate oils.  He says the mess was worth the result.