Seasonal Beers

Chocolate Stout: Developed by the ancient Maya thousands of years ago. Cultivated and handed down generation after generation. And now, perfected by the Belize Brewing Company. The unparalleled seasonal brew, Belikin Chocolate Stout. This exquisite craft beer features moderate carbonation for a rich, creamy flavor that lingers with a decadently satisfying hint of chocolate--the Maya food of the gods. With a delicious aroma that is both chocolate and velvety, with just the right hints of vanilla and rum.

The Belize Brewing Company's brewmaster, Nolan Michael, has introduced Belikin Chocolate Stout in honor of the month of chocolate celebrations as part of the Cocoa Festival in Punta Gorda in Southern Belize. Yet, the whole world wishes it could get its hands on this beer.
Alcohol 6.5% (v/v)

Sorrel Stout: Open something really special this holiday season, Belize Brewing Company’s exclusive Sorrel Stout. Handcrafted with traditional sorrel, a longstanding Belizean favorite that brings some extra cheer to the spirit of the holidays. This nicely balanced stout is blended with specialty malts, carefully selected German hops and brings together local Caribbean Flavour. So enjoy the magic of the season with delicious Sorrel Stout. Happy Holidays from all of us, your friends at Belize Brewing Company. Cheers!
Alcohol 6.5% (v/v)