What's On Tap

Construction of Belize Brewing Company 1969: Belize Brewing Company is established with Cerveceria Hondureña, S.A, the majority shareholder and Eric W. M. Bowen and Sir Barry M. Bowen splitting the minority stake.

1971: Construction on the brewery is completed. Belikin Beer and Belikin Stout are bottled in 12 oz. bottles with paper labels.

1977: Belikin bottles are changed to the 10 oz., ACL (Applied Color Label) longneck style.

1979: Belikin Beer is exported to the United States.

1980: Draft beer kegs are introduced. Sir Barry buys out his partners to become sole owner.

1988: A new bottling line increases Belikin’s capacity to 450 bottles per minute.

1989: Belikin begins brewing Guinness Stout under license.

1990: The brewery adds a new kettle and lauter tun.

2000: A new brewery is opened under the supervision of Sir Barry’s son Kevin Bowen. Lighthouse beer is introduced in 8 oz. green ACL bottles.

2014: Beilkin releases a new bottle and lablel.