Belikin Beers

Belikin Beer is brewed in the classic continental European lager style. Belikin uses Canadian Pilsner malt in combination with a blend of German hops to create the perfect malt-hop balance for our flagship. Since December 13, 1971 the original recipe has called for a lengthy fermentation and lagering to allow the yeast to create its full conditioning. This full-bodied beer with a medium golden colour is delightful any time of the day.
Alcohol 4.8 % (v/v)

Belikin Stout is a rich black stout with a creamy, velvety head. This Stout has a bold, almost smoky mouth-feel, well balanced with a modest but pleasant bitterness. This voluptuous beer is made from Canadian malt, Belizean cane sugar, Carmel Coloring and German Hops.
Alcohol 6.5 % (v/v)

Lighthouse Lager is brewed with the finest Canadian Pilsner malt and an expertly chosen combination of German hops that delivers its refined subtle aroma. Only the freshest yeast is chosen for this delicate beer, slightly more dry but with a noble hop aroma and flavor. Crisp and refreshing, it can be enjoyed any time of day. In terms of color, taste and alcohol content Lighthouse is lighter than the other existing beers in the portfolio.
Alcohol 4.2 % (v/v)

Belikin Premium is a rich more malty beer is made with the best ingredients. A combination of three (3) different malts (Canadian Malt, Caramel Malt, and Extra Special Malt) together with two (2) different hops (CO2 Magnum Hops and Perle Hops) gives this beer a fuller heartier sensation on the first sip. This darker-colored beer exemplifies a deeper richer taste with its malty body, a gem for every ale-drinker.
Alcohol 4.8 % (v/v)

Guinness Stout is not the typical Draft available in Europe or the US. Guinness Stout is a special style of Stout brewed bigger and bold with a more assertive bitter finish. This wonderful rich beer is brewed by our brew masters at the Belize Brewing Company Ltd in Belize according to the original recipe from Ireland under the direct supervision and quality standards of Guinness Ltd. from Dublin, Ireland.
Alcohol 7.5 % (v/v)